4 Tips for ordering a Neon Sign for your Wedding

4 Tips for ordering a Neon Sign for your Wedding

Neon signs used at weddings is an ever growing trend! We love this glowing art form that adds a completely custom focal point to your wedding day. There's so many things to consider when ordering your wedding neon sign. We've been hanging neon signs for years since we also own a backdrop rental company, Eye Candy Rentals, and a photo booth, Fete Booth, in St. Louis, MO. We definitely have experienced a lot of variables over the years so here's some of our top tips to ordering your custom neon.
A Dimmer is Essential for a Neon Sign

Neon Sign Dimmers

Make sure when you are ordering a neon sign for your wedding that it includes a dimmer. The bright neon light looks so good in person but capturing a clear photo is not easy. If a neon is photographed at 100% brightness, it usually looks like a blur of light. A dimmer will allow you set the brightness much lower so the neon sign can be captured more easily by your photographer, on phones or with a photo booth. Even dimming a neon LED sign down to only 10-20% brightness still looks great! You aren't missing any of the fun neon vibes when the neon is dimmed and your photos will be much clearer!
Eye Candy Confetti Neon Signs include a FREE DIMMER & REMOTE! Design & Order yours using our Neon Builder.
Size your Neon Sign Appropriately for Wedding Use

Size of Wedding Neon Sign

Are you wondering "What size neon sign should I order for my wedding?" We've been hanging neon signs on our backdrops at St. Louis weddings for years with our sister company Eye Candy Rentals. So we've seen many sizes of neons and locations for the signs at weddings. Most commonly the neon signs are used on a backdrop such as a greenery or floral wall. Neon signs used at weddings are often paired with a photo booth, used behind the head/sweetheart table, placed as a photo op area, or used with an escort card display. The size needed for each of these can definitely vary. Most standard greenery or floral walls are 8 foot wide, therefore we recommend neons signs sized around 36" to 48" wide. This of course can vary but provides a general idea. If using your neon sign with a photo booth, you don't want a super large neon as it won't fit in the photos without guests completely blocking it. 
Make your name plural for your wedding neon sign

Should your name have an apostrophe?

Most brides or grooms order a neon with "The (insert last name)". It is an extremely common mistake to add an apostrophe to your last name such as "The Thompson's". This is actually incorrect. You simply want your names to be plural so you can skip the apostrophe!

Unsure how to make your name plural? Check out our post all about it: How to make your last name plural



Neon Sign Location after your wedding

Think about where you'll put your sign after your wedding

You definitely want your LED neon sign to look great at your wedding but that's only one day. Keep in mind where you might place the neon after the wedding so you can enjoy it all the time. You don't want a 70" neon that is too large for you to hang where you'd like it. When choosing your neon size, also consider the placement in your home. Will you hang your neon over your bed? Over your couch in your living room? Will it be the focal point in your basement above a bar area? Wherever you decide to hang your neon sign after the big day, consider the best size for that location as you will be able to enjoy years of glowing fun!

Eye Candy Confetti neons have a 2-year manufacturers warranty and an anticipated 50,000 hours of light. That means under normal circumstances, your neon should last over 5.5 years IF left on for 24 hours a day! Order your "Ready-to-Glow neon at https://eyecandyconfetti.com/pages/custom-neon-builder

Custom neon signs are a fun wedding trend that seems to only be growing so we hope this tips will help you to order your perfect custom signage.

Eye Candy Confetti is a creative design studio based in St. Louis, MO producing neon signs and laser cut products for events and spaces that encourage you to celebrate milestones + everyday joyful moments. Shop online or order your custom neon sign using The Eye Candy Confetti Neon Builder.
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