How to make your last name plural

How to make your last name plural

Are you preparing for your big wedding day and can't wait to use your new last name? It's an exciting time to go from single to officially part of a couple! So if you're including your last name on wedding stationery, wedding signage, etc., are you unsure if you should include an apostrophe or just an "s"?

Here's your wedding grammar lesson!

Using an apostrophe implies possession. If you are referring directly to something you own, you will use an apostrophe 's

For example: Welcome to The Whitman's Home

Plural Name
The majority of the time, you will pluralize your name because you are referring to the two of you. You should pluralize your last name for signing holiday cards, signage, etc.
For example: The Whitmans

So that means for the trendy wedding neon signs using your last name, it should not have an apostrophe. Ditch the apostrophe and make your name plural!

Here's a few guidelines for how to pluralize your last name. 

Add an "s"
In most cases, you will just add an "s" to the end of your name. 
The Michael family becomes The Michaels
The Garcia family becomes The Garcias
The Smith family become The Smiths

You will simply add an "s" to make your name plural if it ends in a consonant (other than -s, -x, -z, -ch, or -sh)

If your name ends in -y then you'll add a "s" to the end. You will not change a last name ending in a -y to -ies.
The Murphy family becomes The Murphys
The Kennedy family becomes The Kennedys
The Grey family becomes The Greys

Add an "es"
If your last name ends in -s, -z, -ch, or -sh add an "es" to make your name plural.
The Jones family becomes The Joneses
The Walsh family becomes The Walshes
The Rodriguez family becomes The Rodriguezes

If your name ends in -x then you'll add an "es" UNLESS the -x is silent. If the -x is silent in your name then you'll simply add a "s" to make plural.
The Fox family becomes The Foxes
The Bordeaux family (silent -x) becomes The Bordeauxs

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